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Theme of the Week: The Feast of Theophany

Faith in Verse

Through baptism, Lord, You made
Yourbelov'ed church holy
Through the baptismal waters
The barren one bears children

Faith in Prose

For when Christ was baptized in the Jordan, He began His reclamation, with mankind at the center, of all creation. His love, power, glory, and healing flowed into that water and from there they began to flow into the world. Christ invites you, with arms wide open, to participate in His reclamation.
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Welcome again and thank you for stopping by.  How about a brief introduction so you get to know a little something about us?

What is Orthodoxy?  You may wonder.  There are volumes written on it, but nothing comes close to experiencing it in person.  We invite you to join us on our spiritual journey of theosis: experience the true faith, learn about it and put it into practice.  Check the Activity Calendar for dates and times of upcoming events.

We hope to see you soon.

All glory and honor be to the One Triune God,

The Mission's Team

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